Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Twisted Boo Boo - Halloween Cocktails | 3

For my final Halloween cocktail, I decided to pull out my martini glass and see what I could concoct. I think this looks decadently evil and it's super easy to make with very few ingredients! It is very similar to a Woo Woo, minus the vodka, so I've called it a Twisted Boo Boo!

Twisted Boo Boo - Halloween Cocktails
Twisted Boo Boo - Halloween Cocktails

For this you will need:
1 shot of Peach Snapps
3 shots of Cranberry juice
Violet syrup
optional: orange peel

1. In your martini glass add your shot of Peach Snapps and then your cranberry juice.

2. With your violet syrup, slowly pour this in keeping to the edge of the glass until it settles in a nice layer on the bottom.

3. If you want to decorate, get an orange and peel a small strip from the skin, adding this to your glass.

Twisted Boo Boo - Halloween Cocktails
Twisted Boo Boo - Halloween Cocktails

This drink is super sweet and with one shot of alcohol, not too strong. It's a great one if you get the girls round to watch scary movies and you want to feel a little more prim and proper.

If you try this drink, let me know! This was my last of three Halloween cocktail recipes and it was so fun to make them up. I know I'm no mixologist and these drinks are very simple to put together but I loved the look of them all and had to share. If you missed the last two you can find them here, and here.

I'm thinking about making up some Christmas cocktails, so let me know what your favourite festive flavours are!


Twisted Boo Boo - Halloween Cocktails


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