Monday, 25 September 2017

Further steps I'm taking to reduce waste

Last month I wrote about how I'd come across the zero waste initiative and the community that are actively promoting this lifestyle. I noted the few ways I would try to help out the environment myself. I thought I'd write a follow-up post about my thoughts on trying to reduce waste and what has been working for me.

Reducing waste on fresh produce
Living quite close to a lot of farmland, I've been searching locally for fresh produce that I can purchase package-free. Although I pass it most times I go into Tesco, I've never really looked properly at the fruit and vegetable stand that's located outside. I visited with my new reusable produce bags and picked up a great haul of delicious produce. I was so pleased with what was available without plastic and shopping this way enabled me to pick up just what I needed. I did have a quick look in Tesco for a few extra bits I needed and it is crazy to see practically all their fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic! Have a look around and you can definitely find plastic-free alternatives.

Being more aware of plastic packaging
In this day and age, avoiding plastic is so hard when shopping for food. Everything is wrapped in a layer of plastic film and when you start really looking it's quite astonishing how much is used. It now fills me with joy when I find something new that is unpackaged and ready to pick up as it is. Making more with fresh is definitely an option but sometimes it is more work which you just don't have time for. I tried to make my own bread during last month which wasn't too successful but hopefully, I can nail it. I am now on the lookout more and more for package-free food like bread, nuts, rice and grains.

Straws are EVERYWHERE!
Seeing people with straws or getting a drink handed to me with one in honestly now makes my heart sink. The idea that we use a piece of plastic for literally an hour or so and then chuck it in the landfill is so wrong. It's hard to anticipate when you get a drink if the bar staff are going to try and pop a straw in your drink so you're always on guard. I recently went to a wedding and forgot my metal straws but I was happy to see that they didn't stick a straw in every drink! I would urge people to really consider if they need a straw. If not desperately needed, refuse it.

I'm desperate to compost
We tend to throw away quite a few bits of vegetables and fruit such as peelings or odd ends. Every time I pop something in the bin I desperately wish I had a compost bin. It is definitely on our agenda but we are currently sorting out garden out before we can find one its forever home. If anyone has any tips in the meantime about composting, please let me know!

Taking in part
Recently I took part in a beach litter pick in which we surveyed the amount and the type of litter collected. Having never really looked at the litter on the beach in this way before, it was astounding to see what people will drop and leave, or unknowingly dispose of. I'm definitely going to continue to help with litter picks with Friends of Redcar as they do these monthly. If you live in the area and fancy it too, have a look at their Facebook for dates.

Ridding plastic from the bathroom
I'm trying and actually succeeding in reducing plastic in our bathroom. I've got myself and Matthew a bamboo toothbrush which took a few uses to get used to, but now it is no different. I now use Earth Conscious deodorant (as seen in my last blog post), Lush bar shampoo and condition, Lush face soap and Sanex soap for washing. I'm still using up other products such as body butter and my face moisturiser but I will be looking for alternatives once they're gone. The switch for me has been relatively easy as I love Lush and their products.

The term 'zero waste' can seem very intimidating but I think it is really important to make the small changes you can. Although you make think this is all a fad, when you actually read into the problem that plastic and our waste are causing the planet, it is extremely saddening. To think we can all make relatively easy changes to improve how we live and how the next generation will, it is really a no-brainer.

What small changes have you been making?

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  1. Loving these posts Danni.
    Living in the countryside myself, I should really buy more locally sourced produce and products.
    It's just far to convenient to go to Morrison'



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