Monday, 9 January 2017

Plans have come together - America here we come.

For a while now, myself and my boyfriend Matt have had the idea that we wanted to visit America. We've been lucky to visit a number of European locations over the past few years including sunny Santorini, fancy Florence, breezy Belfast and vibrant Vilnius. Although we aren't finished touring Europe, we thought that now would be the perfect time for us to take the journey over to the states.

I have already been across to America visiting Florida when I was a kid and New York when I turned 21. Matt, however, has not had the pleasure yet so I can't wait for him to experience the Yanks way of life.

For our trip to America, we didn't just want to do one location, we wanted to try and get to a few. We are going to take two weeks over in the USA and visit New York, then hop on a plane to New Orleans and finish up in Atlanta. Doesn't that sound amazing!

Although I've already been to New York, I'm dying to go back. We only had around three days there last time and we walked our little legs off trying to see as much as we could. This time we're going for five days, which I hope will give us more time, and we're hoping to see lots more.

This time, rather than going with my Mum and my friend, I'm going with Matt which will be a completely different trip. We love to explore and a lot of our trips revolve around food so I think we're going to really enjoy ourselves in New York. I want to do lots of research into places to eat before I go, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know! Also, Matt wants to go to different places that I didn't visit before like Coney Island, so I can't wait to be there.

From New York, we will then travel South to New Orleans. Our initial itinerary included Houston, Texas, as our second location but after much thought, we decided against it. Although we really wanted to see a Houston Texans NFL game, we thought that there wouldn't be much else for us to see. Still wanting to get the authentic Southern experience, we decided there would be a lot more to see and do in New Orleans. We will be there for 4 nights and I'm excited to experience the atmosphere and also the food. It's always about the food!

Last up on our trip is Atlanta. I won't lie to you, the only reason we chose this was because the Walking Dead was filmed there. On further inspection, we've discovered the Coca Cola factory is there and that they have an amazing food market (Ponce City Market) which we're looking forward to visiting. We're going to have to do some real research here and see where we can go, what shopping opportunities there are and also, of course, the best places to eat. Seriously, we're going to come back a few stone heavier than we left, but it will be worth it!

So we're going to have to wait quite a few months now before we get on our first plane and head on over the Atlantic Ocean but that just means we have lots of time to research and save our pennies!


  1. This sounds like an AMAZING trip, New Orleans is top of my US wishlist, and KC loves Coco Cola more than life so I know he wants to visit Atlanta! I'll be looking forward to all the ensuing blogposts! x

  2. Oh this trip sounds incredible! Love New York and the people in Atlanta are probably THE nicest people I have ever met, you'll have a fab time!! Have fun!!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  3. Aw Danni I'm so excited for you! This sounds like a fab trip! Love NY. Really hope to get back there and take Jon, as he's never been. I've only been to Atlanta airport, so can't really help you. But I have visited North and South Carolina and the south is amazing! All about the food and the scenery is amazing. Completely different world to NY!
    Can't wait to read more of your plans and the of your trip! :)



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