Saturday, 15 October 2016

Trying another inner city food spot | Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester

When we visit big UK cities we are always on the lookout for good food joints. Not because we don’t have good food here in Middlesbrough but because in cities they seem to have so much more choice with eateries popping up all the time to cater for the thousands of people who mill through the city on a daily basis.

Before we headed off to Manchester on Friday we had a nosy online at places as well as asking friends for their recommendations. Solita was high on people’s list to recommend for a lunchtime bite. Located in an easy to find corner of the Northern Quarter, Solita is a small but spacious restaurant offering a selection of burgers, hot dogs and grilled meat options. There were so many creative items on the menu like deep-fried pickles, sweet potato balls and pizza fries. All very interesting but also super calorific!

Unusually for myself and Matt, we didn't go for a beef burger. This was a real shocker for both of us. Instead, Matt went for a loaded hot dog and I went for a deep-fried chicken burger. Both just as tasty as I imagine their beef burgers to be.

Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester Food Review

Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester Food Review

Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester Food Review Chicken Burger

Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester Food Review Mac and Cheese

Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester Food Review Hot Dog

Solita, Northern Quarter - Manchester Food Review

Our meals came in super quick time and were just as delicious as they sounded on the menu. My chicken burger was massive, there was no way I was getting through it all but I gave it a good go. The batter on the chicken was amazing, so crispy and seasoned brilliantly. With my burger and chips came a pot of gravy which is always welcome on my plate. It was such a yummy lunch but afterwards, I was soo full and I hadn't even eaten it all. Matt really enjoyed his hot dog, although he did comment that there too much other gear, i.e the bread and toppings, in comparison to the hot dog itself. He did agree that Solita was somewhere we'd definitely recommend to friends.

Have you been to Solita in Manchester? What did you think?


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