Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The 'big shop' made easy - Trolley Bags Review

Bit of a strange one today but I thought you'd all like to hear about my Trolley Bags. I'm sure you've seen them, either on an infomercial or on a video on Facebook. They are like the new-fangled gadget for the weekly shop.

I'm an avid shopper at Aldi, so when I was gifted these bags at Christmas by my Mum I knew they'd be a lifesaver. Aldi cashiers do all they can to get your shopping through their checkout as fast as humanly possible. I'm sure some of them aren't even human, the speed they put my items through! So with my shopping whizzing at my at 100mph and a need to bag up my shopping there and then - ain't no chance I'm stepping to the side to re-pack! - these bags are a godsend.

They wrap up within themselves for when you are browsing the shop and I simply hang them on the little loop at the front of the trolley until I need them. Then when all your items are on the conveyor belt you can whack out the Trolley Bags, un-velcro them and spread them across the trolley. Now I'm ready to take on the packing, at super speed!

I usually use the big orange one for my bottles and cans, then on to veggies in my green bag, red is for meats and fridge stuff and the little blue is for anything else. That's just my little routine, nothing is set out saying that's the way you have to do it.

I get some funny looks when I get these out and the other day a lady approached me - as I was packing my shopping at super speed I might add - asking about the bags. She said she'd seen them in Lakeland but not in real life. I let her know that they are really useful and she was on her way, probably to buy some herself I assume.

If you want a way to ease your weekly shop, especially now we all have to bring our own bags to the shop, then pick up some Trolley Bags. They make bagging up your shopping so quick and easy. The size that I have are massive, so even if you have a  family of four you will definitely fit your items in. I think there are smaller versions although they are still quite spacious.

Do you have Trolley Bags? What do you think? Would you recommend them?


  1. I've not seen these before but they look amazing - such a great idea. Think I might need to get some!

    1. You should! They're great for chucking all the food in in a hurry! xo

  2. Omg, I saw these repeatedly on Facebook last year, then only a matter of weeks ago, while in Morrisons, I saw an elderly couple with them! They're fab! I'd love to think I female thought of them! Haha!
    When I put everything on the checkout belt I put it in 'bag' order and separate stuff, then assign departments to my 'life' bags in my trolley ready to pack.lol
    When did food shopping get to organised and me so 'adult'?!?!...


    1. Haha me too! They just flooded my feed! Yes that's what I do! You've got to sort it all out, those that don't are just animals!! :| xo

  3. Oh wow, these look fantastic. Such a great idea. I usually divide my trolley into 'sections' and put on the conveyor and in bags that way but this seems so much easier!

    Tamsyn Eliza | Peaches and Bear

    1. I think we're all very organised when it comes to the shopping. These are fab for that! xo

  4. I've never seen these before but they look like such a smart idea. They'd definitely save having to juggle loads of bags too!

    Katie // ZZ&H


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