Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Stepping out of our food comfort zone - Red Torch Ginger, Dublin

For a couple who consider themselves quite the foodies, we don't really venture out of our chosen food types. When we go out we like burger/meat joints, Indian, English, Mexican and Italian but we haven't really tried anything outside our comfort zone. As we love fresh food filled with vegetables, I thought it was time we tried Thai food. I knew that we'd have to like something on the menu. For our first night in Dublin, we decided to try out Red Torch Ginger. Rated 19th out of 2,002 restaurants on TripAdvisor in Dublin we knew that we'd be in for a good meal.

We rocked up at about 8.45pm without a reservation and the manager advised us it was fully booked. He did kindly say that if we came back at 9.30pm he may have space for us. After writing our name and number down, we went off to get a drink before coming back to try Thai food.

When we came back the restaurant still didn't have a table but we didn't mind the wait so we plonked ourself at the bar and chose a drink. I picked the Red Torch Cooler which had white rum, spicy mango syrup, apple juice, lime, sugar and soda. It was lovely, so fresh and different to anything I've had before because of the spice.

Red Torch Ginger Dublin Thai Restaurant Review

Red Torch Ginger Dublin Thai Restaurant Review

Red Torch Ginger Dublin Thai Restaurant Review

Red Torch Ginger Dublin Thai Restaurant Review

We were sat not long after watching the master barman make my drink, and then we started browsing the menu. Now I'm not very confident with a lot of meats, most the time I stick to chicken, beef or turkey and a lot of the time I like to go veggie. For my starter, I decided on the Dim Sum Trio as I've always wanted to try them. I see them on movies all the time coming in the little bamboo steamer and I think they look so cool. Rather than getting the prawn ones, I decided on the mushroom and pork. Matt had the porks ones and I had the mushroom. They were really yummy. So different to anything I'd had before but the flavours were delicious. I also tried some of Matt's Thai Samosas which were gorgeously crumbly and the filling was very tasty.

After eating our starters our mains arrived. I chose Chiang Mai Noodles with chicken which was filled with lots of veggies in a chilli sauce. Matt chose the house special of Lamb Massaman Curry which was coconut-based and very creamy. Whilst eating out mains we decided to get another drink, Matt chose another different IPA and I chose a raspberry martini. So lovely and fruity.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of Thai food it was something different that we'd be keen to have again. It's great to try new types of food and especially for us, Thai was perfect as it has all the aspects we enjoy. Lots of veggies, curry, lots of coconut flavours and noodles. Eating at Red Torch Ginger was a great introduction to Thai and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Dublin.

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