Monday, 7 December 2015

Why I'm bringing wax seals back...

Picture the scene, you've just written an important (read: incredibly unimportant) letter that must be sent straight away by your most trustworthy crow or owl (read: postal service). You lick and stick the envelope flap down but it needs something else. Sellotape just won't cut it this time. It has to be sturdy and elegant. Enter the wax seal.

Wax Seal Stamps - Letters Cards Stationery

Yes, you may have seen the wax seal on Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and other similar TV/films but I've decided I'm bringing them into the modern age. I picked up my first wax seal stamp from Hema in Holland and since then every letter/card I've sent has been finished with a seal. I've since added to my collection with different icons from Hobbycraft including a butterfly and a birthday cake. 

Wax Seal Stamps - Letters Cards Stationery HobbyCraft Hema

Whenever I send or give something that is sealed with wax people I think people really appreciate the special touch. They think it's very cool. It just adds something extra, even if it will be thrown away as soon as the card is opened. It shows that you've put effort into your card writing and are really taking an interest in what you're giving.

I don't know, you all might find it a little daft and a waste of time and money but I enjoy the decoration the wax seal brings and can't wait to add to keep adding to my collection!

This year's Christmas cards have all been sealed with a wax stamp and a little bit of glitter. If you didn't know you can add glitter and also feathers to wax seals to make them look even better!

Wax Seal Stamps - Letters Cards Stationery

Wax Seal Stamps - Letters Cards Stationery

Wax Seal Stamps - Letters Cards Stationery

Wax Seal Stamps - Letters Cards Stationery

When I'm old and grey my pen pals will be loving my letters!

Have you tried wax sealing? What do you think of it?

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