Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Favourites.

In November the weather started to get colder and everyone started to get excited for Christmas. I am one of those who will not put Christmas decorations up until December, therefore I'm excited for December so I can start to get into the festive spirit. Before we go on about Christmas I want to review my November Favourites.

Excellent scary TV. American Horror Story is back and this season is so good. I've always been a fan of American Horror Story but I didn't watch the last season as it got a bit too weird for me but also Freak Show started to bore me. The new season, Hotel, is my most favourite to date so far, its got glamour, murder, vampires and creepy characters.

New favourite band. Now that the Jonas Brothers are done, Joe Jonas has started up a new venture in the form of a band called DNCE. Now if you weren't a fan of JB that doesn't matter, DNCE's music is dancey, fun and energetic. You are sure to love it. I know I do!

Cosying on up. On a cold, wet, winters day in York, I needed to invest in some more layers and this scarf fell into my basket. This scarf is very cosy as it's so big and soft.

Living with 14 other people. This month we went and stayed in a massive house in Lincoln for the weekend for our friend's 30th birthday. Although I was dubious at first about how the weekend would go, it turned out to be so much fun. There was enough room to fit 20 people, a massive dining room, lounge, garden as well as a swimming pool, jacuzzi and games room. It was a brilliant weekend filled with food, booze and lots of laughs!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM. I've always been a lover of Ben and Jerry's so when I found that they had released some new flavours including pumpkin cheesecake and cinnamon bun I had to get my hands on them. They were both amazing.

Fighting crime with style. Another TV programme that I've really been getting into is Rizzoli and Isles. If you haven't seen it, its about Detective Rizzoli solving crimes with the help of Medical Examiner, Dr Isles. It's a brilliant girl power programme, great for people who love a good crime show.

Warming up with a good broth. My all-time favourite broth recipe has come out of the cupboard for yet another Winter. Savoy cabbage, chorizo and borlotti bean broth is so easy to make and has so much flavour.

Stuffing lots of food in my face. It's always the case at the cinema that you want all the food available and yet you do not want to pay the extortionate prices for it. In the Odeon at the Metro Centre, they have the Gallery seating where you get to go to special lounge first and gorge on as many nachos, quality street, popcorn and soft drinks as you want. You can then take what you want into the screen and come out for more during the movie. I always get my money's worth and make sure I visit on an empty stomach.

Putting heart and soul into my craft. Recently I've been getting into crafting. It started with my moving in keepsake idea then I moved onto Halloween crafts and now Christmas ones! I will be posting a few over Blogmas starting tomorrow.

Those are my November favourites, what are yours?

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