Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Midweek meal ideas.

A few months ago I came across a post about ideas for midweek meals and it inspired me. I always seem to cook the same food week after week perfecting the recipe and only adding new dishes once every month. I thought it would be a good idea to share the meals that I always turn to in the hopes it will inspire your meal planning.

Chilli con Carne
Chilli is such an easy meal to make. It's so warming and filling, perfect for the Winter! Rather than use a jar of sauce I always make my own which is just as quick but its better for you as you know what's going in. The recipe is here.

Chicken fajitas
This is my go-to dish. Seriously I'm so lazy. We have fajitas like once a week. I just can never think of anything else as easy, quick and nutritious to put on my weekly meal plan. Same as the Chilli, I make this from scratch with no help from packets or mixes. You can obviously add what you like to your fajitas but I like chicken, mushroom, and peppers cooked in my spice mix (which is here). Then I add fresh avocado (or pre-made guacamole if I'm being lazy), some fresh tomatoes and Greek yoghurt.

Bacon and kale pasta 
I love pasta. It is so quick to make and you can add whatever you like. This recipe is not the healthiest but its yummy and it does have kale in so... winning. All you do is cook some pasta (I use wholemeal), oven cook your bacon whilst the pasta is on and then cut this into chunks. When your pasta is done, don't tip out the water just yet. Add the kale in (if it won't fit just squash it down, it will wilt) and when this is cooked drain the water. Add the bacon to the pan, put in a pot of ricotta cheese and stir through. There you go, a yummy warming winter pasta dish!

Lemon chicken pasta
Another pasta dish, can you blame me? This one is filled with chicken, lemon, cheese and spinach. I use this recipe which I found on Pinterest. It's really easy to follow and again quite a quick dish!

Chorizo, cabbage and bean broth
I'm always banging on about this broth but it is one of my favourites. Whenever I put it on the weekly meal plan, I can't wait to make. It so yummy and very morish. Seriously you need to make this. I've posted the recipe here.

Chicken wraps 
The humble chicken wrap. Similar to the fajitas but fresh and full of salad. I usually grill some chicken on my George Foreman grill and pull it apart, as you can see below. Then I cut up lots of lovely bits of salad including tomato, lettuce, cucumber and avocado then dollop some mayonnaise on the wrap and create a delicious meal. I love making wraps, they make me feel like I'm getting some real goodness.

Courgette boats
This dish takes a little more effort and time than the others but it is very yummy. Basically, all you do is cut a courgette in half, spoon our the middle and fill with cooked rice, tomatoes, cooked mushrooms (you can whizz these in the microwave first to cook them) and chorizo. Sprinkle with cheese and then put in a baking tray filled with chicken stock. Put them in the oven for 40 minutes and when they come out they will be soft and crispy on top. YUM! I've listed some other recipes featuring courgettes here if you fancy a nosy.

I would absolutely love for you to share with me some easy meals that I can make midweek as I'm always up for adding to collection of recipes. Comment below with any links to recipes or ideas for midweek meals.

Hope I've given you some ideas of meals you can make.

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