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It's Games Night! Which game shall we play...

I absolutely love staying in, having a drink and playing games with friends. We have a little selection of games that I'm hoping will grow this Christmas. As it's the festive season and we will all be seeing more of our family and friends I thought I'd bring you some ideas of games you can play with different numbers of people.

Games to play with friends and family - board games activity

Games to play with friends and family - board games activity

First up is large groups, and by this I mean ten people and up. I've picked Cards Against Humanity, Taboo and a game which doesn't really have a name, so let's call it 'Describe'.

If you've already played Cards Against Humanity then you'll know it's a pretty awful game, so I wouldn't play it with family, by awful I mean its quite rude, also totally inappropriate and borderline offensive. It is, however, a really fun game that will have you creasing yourself for hours. The basic idea of the game is that you all get five white cards and then there is one black, one person reads the question or statement with a missing word out to the group and each person then picks there best, the most hideous answer from the white cards they have. The black card reader then has to read everyone's answers anonymously and their favourite. You certainly get to know people's sense of humour when you play this!

Taboo is a great game. I get so competitive with this but as I get drunker I become terrible at it. You basically have to describe the word without saying the other words listed on the card. I have a special version which has four ways to play including using 'Bendy Bob'.

Last is 'Describe'. This is a game I was taught round a friends house. Basically, everyone writes about five words on different scraps of paper, folds them up and puts them in a bowl which is mixed up. Now you have a bowl full of words ready to use. The first round is a describing round where you can say whatever you want in order for your team to get the word on the paper. When you're done you total your score and then put all the paper back in the bowl ready for round 2. This round is the acting round. Just like charades, you act out the word on the paper. If you are good at remembering you'll be able to pick up words you've heard in the first round. If you are on the drink, then maybe not... The last round is one word! This is where you can only say one word to your team in order for them to guess the word you are describing. Again you can use your memory to help yourself! The team that wins is the one with the most points. We usually play boys V girls! I must say the girls are always better at this as they pay attention in the first round!

Games to play with friends and family - board games activity

Up next are games for small groups. Here I'm thinking if you have another couple round or maybe two couples, these games would be good. I've selected Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit and Heads Up!

Everyone knows Cluedo! It's a murder mystery game where you take it in turns to find the killer, the location they did the deed and what weapon they used. I've actually got the Simpsons one but it's the same thing. You can't play this with only two of you and three is a bit boring so I think this is great for a couples night or an evening in with the family.

Another classic game is Trivial Pursuit. A game of answering general knowledge questions in order to fill up your 'pie' with colourful bits of 'cake'. I'm obsessed with quizzes so this game is perfect for me. I think this game is good for all the family, especially the version I have as it has adults and kids questions.

Last up is a game that will have everyone laughing. Heads Up! is an iPhone game (not sure if you can also get it on Android) which is like the game we all played as a child where you stuck a post-it note to your head with the name of someone and you had to guess who it was. This is more sophisticated and involves picking a category, of which there are quite a few free ones, then you have to guess as many as you can with others describing who you are. You normally put the iPhone to your head and then tilt it up or down depending if you get it right or want to pass. It's fast-paced and fun. There is also a charades round where your friends and family have to act out what you are. When you are tipsy in a ferry bar acting out words, this game is hilarious.

Games to play with friends and family - board games activity

Last but not least, games for two people. Whether you have your friend popping over or you want a cosy night in with your partner, these games are for you. We have Connect 4, Scrabble and card games.

Connect 4, what a classic ey. Such a competitive game where you try to psyche your partner our and get in their head in order to win. We only have the travel size one but it's still a lot of fun.

Scrabble. Everyone's played it. It takes a while to get through I think, only because I can't think of any good words. All I can come up with is three-letter words. I suppose it's better than nothing. This is a great game to play cosied up around the table, or on the floor with a blanket, and a glass of wine. Although don't drink too much or you'll forget how the letters go together...

Last is cards. Now yes I hear you saying that cards are better with more people than just two and this may be true. However, there are a few games that only require two people of which I've played a few including; Crazy Eights and Go Fish. It's just nice to be able to sit on the sofa together and do something other than watch TV. Cards have you on edge trying to win before the other does.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for games to play with your friends and family.

If you have any good game suggestions please let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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  1. Cards Against Humanity is amazing although extremely offensive haha. I think this is brilliant to play whilst having a drink as at first everyone's a bit prude with their answers but after a couple of wines, anything goes!

    Great post!

    KT xo.


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