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Blogger date at Canteen and Cocktails, Norton

One of the things that I love about blogging is that you get the chance to meet lovely people who share your interests and likes and eventually become your friends. One such person is Kloe from Skulls and Kisses. We've known each other for at least a year now and I love organising a time to meet and have a catch-up. Most of the time we like to do this over food. Our last 'blogger date' was no different.

We'd both heard of a local burger joint that had opened up called Canteen and Cocktails and like the bloggers we are, we knew we had to try it out. You know, for blog purposes...

Canteen and Cocktails - Norton Restaurant Review Teesside Burger

Canteen and Cocktails - Norton Restaurant Review Teesside Menu

Canteen and Cocktails - Norton Restaurant Review Teesside Interior

When we eventually tracked down the restaurant on Norton High Street, we went in and were quickly seated. The decor of this place is very much my style. Lots of wood and rustic metal furniture, exposed beams and eccentric industrial lighting. We were quickly given a menu and asked if we'd like a drink. Let me tell you, their cocktail menu is extensive! I wish I wasn't driving or I would have definitely had one. Although I'd probably have been there all day choosing which one to have. On the bar, they even had their own infused vodka brewing in big glass jars with flavours like melon and chilli. I chose a coke... whilst Kloe got a frozen strawberry favourite.

We quickly decided on food, I chose my usual, a cheeseburger with chips, whilst Kloe decided to get two sides, mac and cheese and a portion of chips. When my burger arrived, as you can see on the pictures, it had a Canteen and Cocktails brand burned into the bun which I thought was a great touch. The burger itself was amazing. I was really dubious that it wouldn't be nice but once I'd taken out the red onion (ew) I got right into it and it was delicious. I wasn't a fan of the chilli slaw but I did really enjoy the chips. They weren't very crispy but they were lovely and squidgy.

Kloe had a different experience with her food as she was bemused as to what was in her mac and cheese. On the menu, it hadn't stated that it was anything special but when it arrived it looked like it had all-sorts in including meat and vegetables. She powered through it and said she enjoyed it although it was confusing.

Canteen and Cocktails - Norton Restaurant Review Teesside Burger

Canteen and Cocktails - Norton Restaurant Review Teesside Mac and Cheese

Canteen and Cocktails - Norton Restaurant Review Teesside Chocolate Brownie

As Kloe had decided she would be having a dessert I knew that I had to join her. They don't have an extensive dessert menu but it was big enough for me to find something that I liked. I chose the chocolate brownie with ice cream whilst Kloe picked the caramel sundae. My brownie was so nice but so rich. It was squishy in the middle with a crisp top, perfect with the vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and Dairy Milk buttons (I'm sure they were Dairy Milk!). I could only manage half as it was so rich but it was soo good!

Going into Canteen and Cocktails I was very worried that we wouldn't like it as other people had told us they'd had bad experiences. From trying this myself I would definitely go back. I can't believe that a place that sells such good burgers has opened so close to me. I would recommend it to anyone in the area.

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  1. Looks lovely Danni - think I will have to try this again!!
    KT xo.


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