Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites.

October Favourites

I quite enjoyed putting together September's favourites post so I thought I'd try to keep it up. Here are the things that I've been loving in the Autumnal month of October.

Pumpkin crazy. I'll admit it, throughout October I've been addicted to buying anything remotely pumpkin related. It started with these little real munchkins to use as a centrepiece on our table, and it was followed up by a glass pumpkin, a pumpkin wooden basket and many other bits and pieces. Let's just say I don't need any more pumpkin stuff.

Up the Boro. This month I went to my first football match. Supporting our home team we went to the Middlesbrough v Fulham match. It was a really nice atmosphere and although neither team scored I had a great time. Would definitely be up for going again.

Tori Kelly has my heart. I think this girl is my favourite singer ever. I first discovered Tori when she sang at the VMAs this year. After seeing that performance I downloaded all her EPs and became obsessed. This month her album Unbreakable Smile was released and it's perfect. I've always got her on in my car. I can't wait until she does a proper tour as I'm dying to see her live.

Mooching with the Scousers. We visited Liverpool for this first time this month and had lots of fun. We ate great food, did lots of shopping and took in the sites. I especially loved the docklands and of course the famous Liver building.

Shirt and jumper combo. When in Liverpool we visited Pull and Bear. I am in love with this shop, it is similar to H&M but in more Autumnal colours. I picked up this blue jumper and another in cream for £20 each. They are so comfy and very versatile. I wore the blue jumper with a plaid shirt for the football match so that I was super toasty. It is such a cute combo that I can't wait to wear more.

Snap happy. This month I've really been getting into snapchat. It's a great app to send funny things to your friends and family without filling up your phone with stupid pictures and videos!

Lots of laughs with friends. I bought this game to add to my growing collection for when we have get-togethers with friends. We had a bit of couples craic this month and went round my friends for food and drink. I whipped out this game for the first time and it had us laughing all night.

Gorgeous smellies. When visiting one of my favourite local shops, Lots of Loveliness, I noticed she'd started stocking candles. I sniffed this one and had to buy it. It's so fruity!

Halloween obsession. To accompany my crazy pumpkin obsession as detailed above, this year I bought lots of bits for Halloween. I really wanted to go all out with decorations. I got this cute silhouette candle holder from TK Maxx and its brilliant. Although we only got two trick or treaters this year, I'm still glad I decorated the house as it's not just for them, it's for me too!

That's my October favourites, what are yours?

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