Monday, 23 November 2015

Trying our luck with Grosvenor Casinos, Sunderland

A little while ago I was kindly invited along to Grosvenor Casinos in Sunderland to try their new menu. I invited my Mum along and we trundled along up North to find the venue.

We had a little trouble with the one-way system in Sunderland but eventually, we found parking and went in search of the casino. When we arrived we had to join the casino as members. The girl on the front desk was lovely and talked us through the process. We had our photos taken and our membership cards were supplied to us, along with a ticket for a free drink.

As neither of us had been to a casino before we decided to take up the offer of a tour by the casino manager. He showed us around the space talking us through the different machines and game tables. There was so much going on with numerous multi-game slot machines, electronic roulette tables, different card tables and to top it off there were regional and national competitions running based on people's winnings.

When we'd had a thorough tour we were guided to the restaurant and took our table. I'm not sure if any of you will have been to a casino before, but the Grosvenor Casino wasn't what I imagined. I'm not saying this in a bad way, I only have TV and film casinos to base my imagination on and this wasn't really on that scale. It was a small area and relatively quiet for a Friday night but all the games seemed to be top quality. In the restaurant, there was only ourselves dining until a couple entered the restaurant later.

Grosvenor Casino Food Restaurant Review

Grosvenor Casino Food Review Tempura Chipotle Prawns

Grosvenor Casino Food Restaurant Review Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms

As it was a Friday night we decided to get the drinks in and both had a cocktail. They were lovely drinks and kept us busy until our starters came. Mum ordered Tempura Chipotle Prawns, whilst I ordered Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms. We both quickly finished our starters, which were very nice, so we could get down to the main course.

I ordered an 8oz Sirloin steak and Mum ordered an 8oz Fillet which both came with skin-on fries, coleslaw, onion rings, tomato and mushroom. Both steaks were brilliant quality and cooked just right. The only little gripe we did have about the steaks was that the chargrilled parts were a little too chargrilled.

Grosvenor Casino Food Restaurant Review Sirloin Steak

Grosvenor Casino Food Restaurant Review Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart

Then it was on to desserts after we had a good 15-minute break of course, and there was only one thing on the menu that would satisfy our appetites. Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart. This dessert was so sickly but so good. The chocolate and the caramel worked so well together and you could definitely taste the sprinkling of salt which helped to combat the sugar!

Overall we had a lovely evening at Grosvenor Casino in Sunderland. The meal was fabulous and although we didn't stay to gamble, we did have a little go on the electronic roulette, but unfortunately, we didn't win. Oh well. Now I realise that there is a Grosvenor Casino closer to home in Stockton, we'll definitely be back, especially as we have a free drink to claim!

*Food provided complimentary by Grosvenor Casino. Review and opinion all my own and completely honest.

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