Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What Aldi is missing for me

Items ALDI should start stocking - Supermarket UK

I have a love affair with Aldi. Ever since I turned my back on Asda and started trying out Aldi I've been hooked. What once was a £60-70 weekly shop has turned into trolley of food costing a maximum of £50.

This hasn't reduced solely to the cheap prices Aldi offer, it is also because the supermarket doesn't have as much junk food on offer readily available to put in your trolley. You are able to get in and out without being distracted by offers such as 'buy one get one free' or the advertising for the newest chocolate bar you need to try. For some people, the lack of this stuff may but them off but for me, it makes shopping so much simpler and quicker!

Don't get me wrong, I do love a good nosy at the Special Buys and I often have to tell myself I have no need for a drill set or an extra casserole dish... But overall it's a lot more stripped back and that's what you need when you do the weekly food shop. When I go shopping I make a list, get the items on my list and then get out. 

Most of the food I want to buy I can get in Aldi. I buy a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat which is all great quality at Aldi. I also stock up on my cupboard basics such as cans of chopped tomatoes, beans and nuts. There are still a few items that I'd love Aldi to start stocking so I can do my whole shop in one place.

Wholemeal pasta - I don't eat white pasta any more so it's a real shame that I can't pick up brown pasta from Aldi! Wholemeal pasta is becoming more popular with the likes of Asda and Tesco stocking it, so hopefully, Aldi can follow suit. 

Wholemeal wraps - I do love a white wrap but I know that wholemeal is better for you, so I wish Aldi would bring these to store!

Ricotta - Although they do have a large cheese selection, they don't seem to have ricotta. I like to use this when making pasta so it's annoying when I have to go elsewhere to pick this up.

Quark - A relatively new item in supermarkets but I'd love if Aldi could start stocking this.

Guacamole - Yes yes it's easy enough to make your own but it would be so much easier to be able to pick up a pot of this dip as a quick fix! Aldi's hummus is one of my favourites so I'm sure if they started doing guacamole this would be just as good.

Bread with a longer shelf life - Not really a product, but more of a request. The bread Aldi seems to stock goes off the next day which doesn't really work when there are only two people living in the household. We can't get through bread that quick. Maybe give us a few extra days?

Apart from these few items, I'm an Aldi convert and my weekly shop is made cheaper and is full of better quality products for it.

Do you like Aldi? What items do you wish they'd stock?

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