Saturday, 5 September 2015

Why I can't wait for Autumn

This year Autumn can't come quick enough. There is something about this Summer that has not been appealing to us Brits at all! I think we didn't really get a Summer, so it's about time we just got right into Autumn, okay Mother Nature? Bring it.

I hope that you are excited for Autumn too. I've started a Pinterest board filled with beautiful autumn images, cosy interiors and cute craft projects. Although we are only just into September and the leaves have not even started to fall from the trees, I can't wait to wrap up and welcome in Autumn. Here's why...

1. The colours. Autumn brings some amazing colours that I'm in love with including burnt oranges, deep maroon reds and dirty mustard yellows. From the fallen leaves to the clothes in high street shops, the beautiful Autumn colours are everywhere. This year I want to invest in some pieces in these colours and maybe a staple pair of brown boots!

2. Cosy nights in. No more will we think about going out on a night, the place to be will be in the comfort of our own homes. Investing in blankets, candles and good movies will be essential as we start to snuggle up on the sofa rather than braving the cold. I'll definitely have to go shopping for some real Autumn scented candles. I'm thinking cinnamon, woody hints and smokey scents.

3. New flavours. Bring back the hot chocolate, cinnamon, gingerbread and of course, pumpkin. Okay so these aren't new flavours but they get a bit forgotten during Spring/Summer. Now we can indulge in barista hot chocolate, oh and a little bit of salted caramel syrup? As well as this Autumn brings a lot of oranges; bigging up pumpkins, butternut squash and sweet potatoes at every meal!

4. Halloween. I love Halloween. It's time to be a big kid, decorate the house and dress up. I'm hoping to do something this year but even if I don't and I'm just handing out sweets I'm going to go big with my decorations. Matt doesn't know yet but there could be a skeleton or two hanging outside the house on the big night.

5. Comfort food. When the weather gets cold all anyone wants to do is eat all the carbs. It's understandable, we are starting to stock up for Winter. I'll be looking to beef casseroles, warming broths, soups and roast dinners. Of course, I'll still try and keep it healthy but I think diets change by the season and I'll definitely be adapting mine to Autumn.

So what are your favourite parts of Autumn? Are you excited?

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