Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hallway highlights

Today I thought I'd bring you a little inspiration for decorating your hallway by showing you some key pieces in mine. I know hallways aren't the most exciting places to decorate but we have a few cute bits in ours.

First is our arch 'window' mirror. This is from Barker and Stonehouse. I really wanted it when we first saw it so we decided to get it not knowing where exactly in the house it would go. After being in the house a good few months we got the hallway painted and had new flooring laid then finally found the best spot to put it. Matt's Dad and Uncle kindly put this up for us as we'd have no clue how. It's such a heavy mirror! This does really work where we've positioned it as it bounces the light from the front door window brilliantly making the hall much brighter. Also, most importantly, we can check our appearance on the way out of the house.

Barker and Stonehouse Arch Mirror - Home Interior Design

Barker and Stonehouse Arch Mirror - Home Interior Design

Next to the mirror, we have a little table with a phone and lamp sitting on top. Initially, I bought a really cheap phone from ASDA when we first moved in as I thought, who really uses their home phone? After a while of being in the house, we found the other phone to be really flimsy and not easy to use so we splurged on a new one. This blue retro phone was from John Lewis and I think it was the style that both of us were looking for. The little table was from a store called At Home which is local to us in Stockton. It was the last one which was lucky for us and I just think it's cute and very functional.

John Lewis Wild & Wolf 1960's Corded Telephone, French Blue - Home Interior Design

John Lewis Wild & Wolf 1960's Corded Telephone, French Blue - Home Interior Design

When we moved in there was a huge fuse box sat behind the front door. Very unattractive. Matt was keen to cover this in some way so we got a joiner in who made us this little cute wooden slide box. Of course, we had to 'decorate' this and add a few bits to it. We picked up these little fake plants and glass stopper bottle from John Lewis and they went perfectly. However the bottle was empty, so Matt took some of my dried black beans out of the cupboard and decided to fill it. Although I was down on black beans, I do think this looks really effective.

Lastly is the light fitting that we chose for our hall. It's very basic but it's exactly the style that myself and Matt like, very industrial. This was from the Portrack Lighting Centre in Stockton and it came in silver or gold but for our hallway, we thought this colour went much better. We also bought a special bulb for this in which you can see the filament when the light is on. A little like old fashioned light bulbs.

John Lewis Fake Plants and Glass Bottle with Stopper - Home Interior Design

Metal Industrial Light Fitting with Filament Bulb

So what do you think of our little hallway? We personally love it. It's a nice space to welcome people to our home.

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