Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Book update.

Recently I've been getting back into books. I absolutely love buying books but don't usually make the time to read them. Over the past few months I've been reading the above three books; Paper Towns by John Green, Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher and Ten Things I've Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler.

I just wanted to give you a little review of each book. I love reading other people's recommendations on their blog so hopefully, this helps you pick a couple of new books.

Paper Towns - John Green
After reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, I decided to try out a few of his other books. I scoured his collection and chose this (and Abundance of Katherines which I am yet to read). Paper Towns was a really exciting and fun book to read. The adventures that Quentin goes on with Margo and his friends are great to follow and the mystery surrounding Margo is very gripping. Although I do recommend giving this a read I would suggest not holding out any great hope for a brilliant ending.

Dream A Little Dream - Giovanna Fletcher
As you may know, I'm a little obsessed with the Fletchers and have already read Giovanna's other novels, so when this came out I had to get it. I read this on holiday and it was a perfect read for sitting in the Sun. If you are into girly chick flicks then this is for you. Giovanna has really excelled herself this time with a brilliant story and well thought out characters. When the book ended I wanted to carry on reading and know what else happens after the story ends. Thankfully Giovanna is writing a small novella to follow on from this, I can't wait until it's out in October!

Ten Things I've Learnt About Love - Sarah Butler
I picked this up in a charity shop for 50p (got to love charity shops!) after scouring the shelves for some more books to add to my collection. The book is told from two people's perspective, changing each chapter from Alice, whose Dad has just passed away, to Daniel, a homeless man searching for his daughter. At first, I didn't really get into this book but continued reading to see if it got any better. I can say it did, but as I got closer to the end of the book I got frustrated with the characters. The story almost got a bit far-fetched and I was a little disappointed that there wasn't really a solid ending. For a book I picked up for 50p, it was an okay read.

Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?

P.S any book recommendations, or blog posts featuring book reviews?

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