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Four things you need to do when in Middlesbrough

Whenever someone says they may come to Middlesbrough I have to have a think about where I can take them. What does Middlesbrough have to offer? You all know, or should know by now, that I'm very proud to be from Teesside. I wasn't always this way though. I used to think there was nothing here, that it was all doom and gloom but as I've gotten older my perception has changed. I now love my local area.

For a starter we are an industrial hub. We've got a thriving chemical sector, a booming port industry and some great engineering companies right on our doorstep employing people from across the region. It may be dirty and smoky to some people but to me it's part of our landscape and it's something I wouldn't change.

Another reason I love the area is it's closeness to both the sea and the countryside. Travel 20 minutes in either direction and you'll find the seaside, or beautiful green scenery. It makes me feel truly lucky to live here.

So where would I take a stranger coming to Middlesbrough for their first visit? Let's have a look...

What to do in Middlesbrough - Transporter Bridge

1. Over the Transporter Bridge. This iconic landmark is something everyone should see when they arrive in Middlesbrough. It's our blue beacon setting us apart from other Northern towns. Taking a trip across a bridge like this is something not a lot of people out of the area get to do. Although you are only on for a few minutes, it's exciting nonetheless.

2. Out to one of Middlesbrough's independent eateries. Over the past few years, Teesside has seen a selection of fantastic independent restaurants and bars popping up all over the joint. There are so many lovely places to choose from, it will be a hard decision. Top of my list is Cena in Yarm and Meze Lounge in Middlesbrough.

What to do in Middlesbrough - Stewart Park

3. A stroll around one of our delightful parks. A little bit out of the town centre, but still in Middlesbrough is a lovely park filled with greenery and a little bit of history. Stewart Park houses the site of the cottage in which Captain James Cook was born which is now the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. We'll even see some animals when we walk around the park including llamas and goats!

What to do in Middlesbrough - Get a Parmo

4. Take you for a parmo. This is a Teesside delicacy. A parmo is deep-fried chicken in breadcrumbs topped with bechamel sauce and cheese. It's typically eaten with chips, a side salad and a big pot of garlic sauce. It's what dreams are made of. It may sound wrong, but I assure you it's so right.

So will you be popping down to Middlesbrough any time soon? I'm happy to be your tour guide!

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