Friday, 24 July 2015

When did we become adults?

Since I turned 21 I've been slowly but surely becoming an adult. It happens to us all. It has to... We try to slow it down and most of us don't accept it but suddenly we are allowed to do things we weren't before, and also other things that we might have done are frowned upon.

Along the way we make changes to our lives that kick start us into the adult world, for instance, getting a house.

New Home Adults

Myself and Matt bought our first house last year when I was 22. Although it may seem quite young to get a house I was definitely ready. The process of finding and picking a house was very exciting but actually purchasing it was quite a long laborious bore. When we finally got in to the house the fun started - decorating! But of course there was also bills. 

Bills make you an adult, but so does decorating. You have your own space in which you can do whatever you want with it. If you like green, paint it green. You like wooden floors, do it. Fancy a four-post bed, go for it. The choice is yours and it is amazing. The freedom to decorate a space to your exact specifications. Make it all yours.

Decorating Photo Wall - Adults

As well as putting down roots, there is the opportunity to see the world. Think of the places you can go now that you've become an adult. Since turning 21 I've visited some great places from Copenhagen to Florence, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. Being an adult means you manage your own time. Decide where you fancy going and when! You, of course, have to earn the money to be able to go away but that makes it feel that bit more special. You paid for it! It's yours and you deserve it.

The world is at your feet. Places that your family may not have wanted to visit, you can now go. Skiing, sunbathing or hiking you can pick. It's amazing picking up travel brochures or browsing the net for far-out places that you would never have dreamed of.

Florence Travel Picture - Adults

Sometimes becoming an adult means your tastes change and develop. Food and drink you may have thought were disgusting as a young person you may love. For me, there was a lot of alcohol that I didn't touch when I was in my teens such as cider, wine and beer. I still don't drink beer or wine, but I do love fruit cider and a glass of prosecco.

Also, there was so much food I told myself I didn't like but that I hadn't actually tried. Food such as houmous, pesto and camembert are all things I'd now happily pick up in the shopping but earlier in life, I would have turned my nose up at. Age is a funny thing but it's best to embrace it as with it comes new exciting things to discover.

You still aren't going to catch me eating olives... 

What have you found has changed as you've become of adult age?

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