Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Blue Restaurant - 360 views of Amsterdam

When searching for a nice restaurant in Amsterdam, we were coming up short. In the main shopping streets, we couldn't find much that took our fancy so we kept walking. We walked until we came to a shopping centre so assumed there would be some food inside and after days of eating chips I wanted some pasta. In the shopping centre was a restaurant but it was up on the top floor so we trudged up in the lift to see what food they did. 

When we reached the top floor the views in the restaurant, Blue, were amazing. There was floor to ceiling windows giving you a sight of all of Amsterdam. We took a seat and picked something from the menu.

Blue 360 Amsterdam Restaurant Review

Blue 360 Amsterdam Restaurant Review

Blue 360 Amsterdam Restaurant Review

Blue 360 Amsterdam Restaurant Review

I finally got my pasta! It was just a plain tomato pasta with some basil and of course Parmesan cheese. It also came with bread but I was too carbed up to even see it, another member of our group happily scoffed that. I enjoyed my pasta, it was simple but filling. To accompany it I got homemade iced tea, my favourite. It was lovely and refreshing but it had a lot of fruit bits in when I got to the bottom. 

The food was a little pricey for what I got, but I suppose with the views you get you can't complain. We had to eat quickly as we didn't have long before our bus picked us up to get back on the ferry, but if we'd have had longer I'm sure we could have settled there for a while.

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