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The marvellous wonder ingredient - Greek Yoghurt

For anyone who is dairy intolerant, look away now. I'm going to confess my love for Greek yoghurt. An alternative to regular yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is so versatile and has many benefits for your health. Typically it has double the amount of protein compared to normal yoghurt and is lower in salt and carbohydrates. Whilst trying to be healthier, I have started to include Greek yoghurt much more into my diet. I've been getting creative finding ways that I can use Greek yoghurt in meals. I thought I'd pass on this knowledge by showing you how you can incorporate it more into your diet.
Using Greek Yoghurt in Meals Healthier

In cooking instead of cream - I recently decided to make a curry using a curry paste and on the label, it asked for double cream. I didn't have any in the house and wasn't prepared to buy any so I thought I'd try and substitute some Greek yoghurt that I had in the fridge. I got it out a little in advance so it was at room temperature to try and ensure it wouldn't curdle when I added it to the hot pan and it worked brilliantly. I added it a bit at a time which gave a great creamy texture to the curry without all the calories of double cream!

Using Greek Yoghurt in Meals Healthier Curry

As a dip - One of the main ways I use greek yoghurt is as a dip. Before my health kick, I was a big fan of mayonnaise. Since Greek yoghurt came into my life I've been using it as a substitute. Now when I have sweet potatoes I make sure to have a side dip of yoghurt. You can mix this with different herbs and spices to create a different taste.

Instead of sour cream - When I make fajitas these days I tend not to buy sour cream, instead I use yoghurt when putting together my wrap. It does the same job in cooling down the spicy chicken but makes it a healthier dish.

Using Greek Yoghurt in Meals Healthier Fajitas Sour Cream

As a breakfast, dessert or snack - I was recently given a meal plan that advised I could have Greek yoghurt with fruit for breakfast with nuts. I jazzed this up a bit with what I had in the kitchen and created this: Greek yoghurt with strawberries, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds - full of protein and good fats! You could even mix up something different for dessert like: Greek yoghurt with banana, chocolate drops and a dollop of almond butter. If you are just wanting a simple snack, some yoghurt with fruit and nuts would be perfect.

Using Greek Yoghurt in Meals Healthier Breakfast

In a smoothie - This is where people typically use Greek yoghurt which is great. It adds lots of protein amongst the other bits you blitz up to make a smoothie.

I hope these ideas will make there way into your diets! I can't wait until my holiday this year when I will get to go to a Greek island and taste real Greek yoghurt. Obsessed.

Which ideas are your favourite? If you have any more ways I can use yoghurt let me know.

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  1. Some great ideas! You should try Quark too, it's full of protein and so versatile. I use it in carbonaras, dessert, for pancakes, you can do all sorts with it. Great post!

    Kay xx


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