Friday, 20 March 2015

Take some time to relax

Each and everyday we are kept busy by work, chores or activities and sometimes it all gets a bit too much. We can get stressed out which affects our wellbeing by leaving us with a lack of energy, bad health and aches and pains. It also affects us mentally giving us a lack of focus, insomnia and a making it difficult for us to relax.

By taking some time to indulge in relaxation we will be doing our body the world of good. Benefits of this include a reduced risk of catching a cold, easing acne, keeping us slim by reducing the stress that will make us want to eat, keeping your heart healthy and making us happier^.

I've created a list of ideas of things you can do when you are stressed and need a little bit of calm in your life.

  • Indulge in some relaxation. Doing gentle stretches and focusing on your breathing can make you feel calmer and more in control. Mind has some great relaxation and breathing exercises you can do when you have some free time on your hands.
  • Take a bubble bath. I think this is my answer to everything but it always makes me feel better. Taking some time to mull over your thoughts in a cosy warm bubble bath puts me at ease.
  • Write a list of what you have to do. If you have a million and one things running through your head it might be best to write it all down to put it in perspective. Also, mark these as to what is most important and also note how long it will take. Get the quick ones ticked off right away and you'll feel much better seeing items being crossed off.
  • Do something you enjoy. Whether it be baking, reading or walking, take some time to get into a hobby and enjoy yourself. That time away from your stress will make you feel ten times better.
  • Exercise! Do we have to?! Yes. Exercising can boost your self-esteem and your mood, improve your quality of sleep and reduce your risk of stress and depression. Sounds like something we all should be doing more of!
  • Getting to bed early. Following on from exercise, it is important that we fuel our bodies properly and get the right amount of sleep. We all know how we feel when we wake up from a few hours of sleep. Not good, very cranky and agitated. Not very relaxed now is it.
  • Spa day! If you can take a day off work why not take a trip to your local spa? Step away from your busy life and pamper yourself for the day.

Will you be taking some more time out to relax? What do you like to do to relax?

*Collaboration with Time4Sleep - all content my own except where credited.

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