Monday, 9 March 2015

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - Lush Review

Hi, I'm Danni and I'm a Lush addict. I bet you are too. Come on admit it, you have at least two bath bombs waiting to be sploshed into hot water for a colourful soothing soak in the tub. I certainly do, I have at least ten following the Boxing day sale. I kind of went crazy and got two gift sets and numerous half-price soaps. And on top of this, I also received gift sets for Christmas, so yes I am set for the entire year. Apart from all the smelly bath bombs, I decided to pick up a favourite of mine - Big Sea Salt Shampoo.
BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - Lush Review
BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - Lush Review

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - Lush Review

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - Lush Review

On Lush's website, it says to use a small amount of this shampoo - which is filled with sea salt, seaweed, coconut oil and lemon and lime - work into wet hair well to create a lather. At first, I was very dubious of Big's volumising claims, and I still kind of am. It definitely has all the makings of a great uplifting shampoo, but maybe I'm not doing it right. I should probably use less... But the real reason I am still in love with this shampoo is the way it makes my hair feel.
After using Big my hair feels so clean. It actually squeaks. This doesn't mean that my hair feels dry at all because of the intense clean, quite the opposite it feels silky and smooth. I don't use this all the time as it is quite an intense shampoo, what will the large chunks of salt, but every week I get the satisfaction of making my hair super clean. Squeaky clean.
It also smells amazing. At first, you may not think so, which happens with a few of the Lush products, but after a few washes, you will love it. It is so fresh and invigorating and the fragrance sticks to your hair after you've rinsed it all away.
I'd urge you all to try this shampoo and I think I will try using a little less to see if this helps improve my volume! Do you have any Lush recommendations? I'd love to hear them as I'm obsessed with the shop and need a reason to visit again.

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