Thursday, 12 February 2015

Five reasons why you should be watching WWE...

As you may or may not know since about October last year myself and my boyfriend have become a little obsessed with WWE. I would say that I have gotten more into merchandise, wanting to see a live show and all the drama whilst Matt just loves to watch the wrestling. Either way, we are both hooked and now with the WWE Network out in the UK, it is becoming more and more the only thing that is on our TV.

Now before you go and judge us, I want to list five things, in no particular order, that might change your mind and make you want to become part of the WWE Universe.

1. The Superstars - These are the main reason anyone watches WWE and of course they are the draw due to the main audience being guys (or so I'm led to believe). They also might be some people's biggest turn-off. You could say they play-act too much, they are just fighting all the time (obvs) and it may all get a bit boring? What I enjoy about the superstars is learning who is who, which superstars are in the limelight at the moment and who are they feuding against in their storyline. As you watch you start to get favourites, decide who you like and who you dislike and when this happens you are hooked! Another good thing for us female viewers is that some (most) are pretty bulked up and good looking... Look up Roman Reigns for your proof.

2. The Divas - The fierce female wrestlers are slowly getting more airtime on RAW and Smackdown which I would suggest is linked to their reality programme, Total Divas. Either way, I'm all for women wrestling and the current roster show that you don't have to be big and bulky to be successful.

3. The feuds and story-lines - As you may well know, WWE is all scripted and they have a huge creative team working on this all year round. They decide who will be wrestling, who they we will be competing against and any backstage chatter. This is a big part of why I like WWE as it has something you can follow and potentially start guessing as to what happens next. The great thing with WWE is that you are not always right and they may throw a spanner in the works!

4. The entrance music and sudden arrivals on stage - When I first started watching WWE with Matt, who has been a fan since childhood, I would always say who is that? Whose music is that? And once I even tested him with snippets on iTunes - that's just the fun we have in our house. Nowadays I have around nine WWE superstar/diva songs on my phone which get listened to regularly. I now love to guess myself who is coming out just from their music. Speaking of coming out into the ring, I love when someone will be talking and all of a sudden the music bursts on because someone is coming down to interrupt. It is so dramatic. I'm sad but I love it.

5. The backstage reality TV (Total Divas + WWE Network) - Before deciding to watch WWE we started watching Total Divas on E! which is a reality show following around the main roster Divas in their everyday life. Divas include the Bella Twins, Natalya, Naomi, Eva Marie and Cameron - you may not know these names but if you watch, you soon will! It is such an interesting insight into their normal day to day lives but also their lives on the road with WWE. On top of this now we've just got the WWE Network and have been watching quite a few shows that document different times in the WWE history, such as Monday Night Wars which highlights the feud between WWE and WCW both airing on a Monday night in the days before video recorders! It's fascinating to see the backstage workings of WWE and what happened to get them to where they are now.
So what do you think? Have I got you a little bit interested to watch? Has it sparked your interest? If yes, then start with RAW on Monday nights and Smackdown on Friday nights, both on Sky Sports. Let me know if you are into WWE as I am always looking for girls to natter about it with!

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