Wednesday, 14 January 2015

TV to get your teeth into

Over Christmas, a lot of the regular TV I watch was stopped until it restarted in the new year. This left me with a hole in my life which was filled with a few new programmes we bought on DVD!
First up was Peaky Blinders, a series that centres around the Shelby family in the 1920s just after the First World War. The family essentially run their town in Birmingham as a gangster outfit removing anyone who gets in their way. The Peaky Blinders were a real group who used razor blades sewn into their flat caps as a weapon.
There are now two seasons of this which only feature six episodes in each. The acting is incredible and so is the camera work and scenery! Although I'm not normally into programmes set in an older era I was really drawn into this as it doesn't feel old as something like Downton Abbey does. It's definitely worth a watch. Ooh and Tom Hardy is in season 2!
Next, we decided it was time to catch up with everyone and let Broadchurch into our lives! I bought this with my Christmas money and we blasted through the episodes very quickly. Broadchurch is about a seaside resort in which a boy gets killed and the investigation into who did it. It follows everyone in the little town from the family of the dead boy, to the vicar, to the hotel owner, even the local newspaper.
I did enjoy this but I'm not too sure why people compared it to the Missing as they are worlds apart. This is a 'whodunnit' and The Missing is a 'what happened and where is the next clue?' Both great in their own right. We are currently watching season 2 as it unfolds on TV and we are hooked.
Lastly, after it spending months on our shelf, the first season of The Fall finally made it to the DVD player. We'd first heard of this when Jamie Doran was on Graham Norton and were intrigued. It took us two nights to get through the five episodes as it was just so gripping, we just had to know what happens next.
It basically follows a serial killer in Belfast showing his daily routine with his kids, how he finds his targets and ultimately how he kills them. It at the same time follows the detectives who are trying to track him down. It's a strange one as you are torn between who to support, you oddly start to want the serial killer to get away with it. We are now grappling to get our hands on series 2!
Hope this post gives you a few suggestions of TV you can watch as the dark nights continue! Anything you can suggest for me to watch would be great!

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