Friday, 10 October 2014

Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea

I love pizza! Get me an Asda make your own stuffed crust pizza with mushrooms & pineapple and I'll be happy. Since I've taken a step over to the healthier side I've stopped picking up my weekly pizza as it was very stodgy. I don't usually eat pizza now but recently I've fancied it so put one of these tortilla pizzas together. They are so easy to do and so satisfying!
Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea - Recipe
This is the simplest pizza recipe you will ever see...

-Tortillas (you can use white or wholemeal)
-Tomato paste or pasatta
-Cheese (any pizza cheese like cheddar or mozzarella)
-Any toppings you fancy!


First preheat the oven to an average cooking temp (I use 180 degrees). When that is warm, pop your tortilla on a tray and in the oven to toast slightly before adding the toppings. Bring it out and slather it with tomato paste as your base. Sprinkle cheese over this then add your toppings.

Be mindful not to add anything too large or wet as it will mess up your pizza!

Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea - Recipe

Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea - Recipe

Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea - Recipe

Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea - Recipe

Tortilla Pizza - A Healthy Idea - Recipe

When you are satisfied with how your pizza looks sprinkle a little cheese on the top and pop it back in the over. Depending on how crispy you'd like the base to be I'd say leave this for 5-7 minutes whilst watching closely.

Then wallah! You have pizza! You can cut it up like you would a pizza or fold it up like a calzone. The choices are endless but it tastes pretty darn yummy.

Also, the possibilities for this creation don't end here! You could change up the tomato paste for BBQ sauce or garlic butter to make a totally different pizza. If you fancied you could also try a sweet version with chocolate spread. Seriously guys get experimenting.

Let me know if you make this and what you think.

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