Saturday, 4 October 2014

Why I Meal Plan

Recently I came across an article that said that healthy food was expensive and that the person in question had to eat junk food. Um no, I don't think so. For me, eating junk food would be more expensive and most of all terrible unhealthy. When I moved into my house I was easily spending £60+ on a weekly shop for two people, but what on?! 
Rubbish, that's what. Biscuits, crisps, bread, sweets and too much food.When I started trying to be healthier and eat 'cleaner' I decided to meal plan and only buy what I needed for that week including a few treats of course. Now my food shop costs around £40 a week dependent on toiletries and kitchen essentials I need to pick up.
Meal Planning Help - Make weekly shops cheaper and get more healthy food

How do I meal plan?

To start my meal planning I look at what shifts Matt is on, next to if I am out any day that week (to see how many meals I need to plan) and then I decide what I fancy cooking. It does take me a good 30 minutes to plan but that is because I like to do something different each week and I search recipe books and pinterest to find new ideas. I've started recording all my meal plans so I can go back over previous weeks plans to get ideas for future weeks. This way I know what we've had and what we liked.

Meal Planning Help - Make weekly shops cheaper and get more healthy food

Why should you meal plan?
  • You know exactly what you will be picking up in the shopping. As you know what you are cooking you can search your cupboards to see what staples you already have and what you still need. This makes shopping easier, quicker and stress-free. In the past, I would be stood in the fruit and vegetable aisle for ages stressing out as to what I needed. Now I simply go in and follow my list.
  • It can make your weekly shop cheaper. If you know exactly what you need to pick up at the supermarket then you aren't adding unnecessary extras to your trolley. Now don't get me wrong I pick up the occasional pack of biscuits, crisps and cheese snacks but that doesn't really add a whole lot on to the total price. Be reasonable and if you want a little treat, pick one up!
  • When you plan you have more time to consider your diet and how to get more fruit and vegetables into it. I look over Pinterest to find healthy alternatives to my favourites like chilli and spaghetti and incorporate them into my weekly plans. I find planning like this gives you less room to deviate from your plan as you don't have bad foods in the house!
When I tell people I meal plan for the week they do look at me like I'm crazy, but I think it works! It saves us money, makes us healthier and shopping is less of a hassle!

What do you think? Does meal planning help you? Could it?

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  1. Great post! I love meal planning because I have several intolerances; makes it impossible to just grab on the go! I really want to meal prep this year too!


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