Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween preparation

Halloween is always a fun time of the year. Everyone is picking out their outfits, deciding what they'd like to be. Is it going to be creepy, silly or slutty? I'm staying in this year and wanted to halloween-ify my house as well as get ready for the nippers that will be knocking on my door all night. With this in mind, I took a trip to Asda and had a look online to find a few bits and pieces to get in the seasonal mood.

I love to carve a pumpkin. It's a challenge to get it just right, like the pictures of pumpkins you see all over. It's also nice to try something new, get creative and create a crazy pumpkin from scratch or maybe from a photo on the internet. Carving a pumpkin is one of the key parts of Halloween and I'm ready for it!

Halloween Preparation

Halloween Preparation

As we are now securely in Autumn I always feel the need to get the candles burning. Any shape or size and millions of them, all over the front room. Yes, it is a little bit of a fire hazard. I've picked up many autumn scented candles on my shopping trips but never anything that could be used exclusively for Halloween until now. I purchased this little guy from eBay but after looking through a magazine I've realised these are from Poundland! I felt a bit silly. But needless to say, this will be a part of my candle burning on all Hallows Eve.

Halloween Preparation

Halloween Preparation

Halloween Preparation

As I'll be monitoring the door for little trick or treaters, I've decided to buy a few bits to jazz up the front of the house and of course, I had to pick up some sweeties! I wanted to go wild in Asda as they had some amazing items that were really quite cheap but as I wasn't having a party or anything I had to hold back! In the end, I picked up a Happy Halloween sign to hang by the door as well as some 'cobwebs' with spiders to decorate the entrance.

To give out the sweets from I've picked up a Halloween pumpkin bowl (which is for the kids to go treat or treating with but who cares ey!). I picked up a few bags of sweets which were only £1 each. I think when they run out the lights will go off. Well, I'm not getting up and down all night, I've got things to do!

So these are the little bits and bobs I've picked up to celebrate Halloween.

Have you bought anything new to celebrate Halloween?!

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