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What's the story of your home?

I've only just moved out this year into a house of my own my boyfriend. We are pretty similar in our tastes and want our house to look very sleek and simple yet stylish. At present we have only fully redecorated two rooms in our house but we've put our stamp on the others in many different ways.
We have a good-sized two bedroom semi-detached house in the North East that we picked because of the quiet location, lovely garden and the potential we saw for each of the rooms. I've already done a tour around my living room and bathroom in previous posts but I've not touched on our bedroom. Your bedroom is somewhere you come to relax, snuggle and have dreams about anything and everything.
Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

I've come to have a real love for the colour blue and it seems to appear in all my interior design ideas. For the bedroom, I didn't want it to be too girly so we went with a deep dark blue for our accent wall. The other walls are painted a creamy colour rather than white because of the stark contrast this would have created. I brought my bed with me from my old house but we bought new furniture. All from Ikea, but all beautiful and sleek in white. I think the white bedside tables and set of draws look great against the dark blue wall as it provides a bit of brightness.
Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

In addition to the main items in the room, we also have little knick-knacks such as a stand to present my perfumes, a little vintage flower bowl to hold my rings and our two matching white touch lamps. What I like most about this room is our canvas that sits on the wall above the bed. I got this canvas made for my boyfriend last Valentine's day and it has been packaged away until we got into our house. I feel like this is the perfect place to for it to be as it quotes one of our favourite songs - Arctic Monkeys, I Wanna Be Yours.
Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
So there you have it, the inspiration for my bedroom and the explanation behind all the little things in it. Hillary's Blinds are asking everyone what is the story behind their home.
Get involved and share your stories!


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