Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How to ensure your nails are stunning every time

I know that for some people doing your nails is something you dislike, its like a minefield. How do people get their fingernails so darn perfect? If you take some time out of your day to focus on your nails you can really ensure they are on point.
- Make sure your nails are clean and maintained. I mean all polish off, any nasty bits of skin polished clean, cuticles pushed and cut back as well as your nails being filed to create a smooth edge. Just a tip - use a crystal nail file as they are much gentler on your nails (without loosing the grit). Although this is a bit harsh as an extra clean I rub my nails with a nail brush and a bit of exfoliating wash to ensure they are sparkling and smooth! This may be too far but it works, just ensure to moisturise after to keep your skin soft...
-Invest in a good base coat. I always look for something that adds something to my nails (whether it help repair or strengthen my nails). It also has to be quite rubbery to help the nail polish stay on for longer.
-Make sure you paint around the tips of your nails to ensure your polish doesn't chip (or it takes a bit longer for it to start!). If you do this with your polish and your topcoat it will seal the polish around the edges to help prevent chipping.
-The biggest secret to amazing looking nails is clean up. Before I learnt this I always thought people were magicians with a nail brush never getting a drop around their nails. How wrong I was and how easy it is to look like you are amazing at painting your nails. Basically, you need a fine paintbrush (I use a nail art brush I got in a set from eBay) and some nail polish remover, preferably in a little pot, with some tissue to dab the brush when removing colour. Then just use it to clean up like you would paint around your nail. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Be careful with colours like red though as they are harder to get off!
-Lastly, don't forget to moisturise! If you don't moisturise on a regular basis you could have dry hands which will ruin even the best nail paint job. Either use cuticle cream or good ol' hand cream just make sure to give your hands some TLC.
Please note that I am self-taught at doing my nails and have not had any training. If my tips work for you then great and if not at least we tried! Best of luck on your mission to have brilliant nails!


  1. I love having my nails done but I can never wait for them to dry and pick something up and smudge them. Need to set and hour aside


  2. This is a great post as my nails are always rubbish! Oh and my boyfriend has a phobia of nail varnish haha (don't ask!). Lovely tips!

    K xx

  3. Very helpful tips! I hardly ever do any post-painting clean up on mine!

  4. CND Solar Oil is the most amazing cuticle oil, I use it twice a day to keep my nails healthy

  5. You definitely need to invest in Seche Vite! Makes them dry so quick!

  6. Thanks! Makes them look 10x better!


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