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The nine best bits about having your own home

Me and my boyfriend have recently moved into our own home. We love it. We've decorated the living room and bedroom to how we want it and now it is a case of saving up pennies to get the rest of the house done! Over the few months that we've been in, we have appreciated the little things about being in the house by ourselves. In my opinion, these are the nine best bits about having your own home.
Having your home - the best bits - lifestyle post
  1. You can wear as many clothes as you want - I don't know about you but my mum always wanted me to get the wear out of my clothes before putting them in the wash. Now that I do all the washing I can wear something for five minutes then decide it needs a wash. In the end, it is just more work for me but then again I kind of enjoy the washing...
  2. Knowing all the post will be yours when you get home - It was always a bummer getting home to see lots of post on the floor but see that none of it was yours. Whenever I get home now all the post is either mine or Matt's but the problem is with the digital age is that we barely get any - instead, we get emails!
  3. Your own style is in every room of the house - As we are the ones paying for the house we get to decorate it to our taste. It wouldn't be the same if say I decorated it all, or if Matt decorated it all but I think we have a happy medium which is sleek, classy and modern.
  4. No one messes with your TV recordings - When I watched the main TV at home and had recordings set anything could happen if there were two going at once and someone wanted to watch TV. It was either your recording or another that would be deleted, and would they find another time it was on and set it for you? Sometimes but not always and then you've missed an episode! Now I get to set what I want safe in the knowledge that Matt won't delete it - although I do make sure I have only one recording going at once!
  5. No one stealing my clothes - At home, I would notice that a lot of my clothes would mysteriously disappear from my wardrobe and appear in my sister's. I wonder how that would happen... but then what was worse is that because Mum saw her wearing them she would give the clothes back to her when they were washed. Err Hello they are mine! Now obviously I don't have that problem! There is a good 10 minutes between my wardrobe and my sister.
  6. Not getting moaned at for using too much water or electricity - As per point 1, we now pay for our bills so we can use as much as we want and know that we will have to face the consequences in the end...
  7. Picking whatever food you want - Luckily for me, this means being able to pick up more fruit and vegetables to cook meals and having more choice. Also picking up pop tarts and biscuits, but shhh!
  8. Having lots of space - We've both gone from having a bedroom (Matt's was like a shoebox) to having a whole house to ourselves so it is a huge difference for us. Having so many rooms is great as we can go where ever we please with only each other to answer for.
  9. Being with your boyfriend - Obviously, you can have your partner around your house when you want at home but you have to ask or let people know they are round and we both had our own homes to get back to. Now we've got only one and can see each other all the time! This has to be the best perk of having your own space!
What do you think? Do you agree or do you have any others? Let me know!

If you don't have your own house are you looking forward to the above nine points?


  1. Having done most of the above things while renting - for me actually owning our own home the advantages have been all about our payments actually going somewhere, having ownership, it being an investment to having more space.

    1. Very true! I suppose this post is about having a place to call home whether renting or you own!

  2. This list is the reason why I can't wait to move out. - eventually! No one messing with your TV recordings is a good enough reason alone to move out!


    1. haha yes! I love having the TV to myself! :D

  3. Love this. I think I take advantage of the perks of living on your own. I totally get the tv recording thing!


    1. Yeah it is nice having your own space isn't it! :)

  4. I love this post! I only moved away for uni but cant understand some of these! Paige x | A Paige at a Time

  5. The wardrobe problem! Oh my god the amount of times my clothes go missing my mam even wears them! It's so annoying haha. I have actually got a post like this scheduled! About what I miss about being at my uni house! Haha
    Kloe xx

  6. Love this post idea and agree with all the points except.. do you still enjoy washing?!

    KT xo.


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