Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts

I own many candles. Tea lights, Yankee Candle jars, home-made candles, votives and Glade Christmas candles but I had never tried wax tarts. So one lunchtime when I fancied spending some pennies I ventured into House of Fraser and indulged in some Yankee Candle scents.

Yankee Candle Tart Review

Yankee Candle Tart Review

Yankee Candle Tart Review

Yankee Candle Tart Review

I picked up a tart burner that would fit in with my living room which featured a white ceramic (well I think it is) open flower which sits on a black metal base. The flower holds the tart and the tea light sits below to melt it. Simple.

I picked up four Yankee Candle wax tarts all together; Champaca Blossom (burning in the holder), Paradise Spice, Black Cherry and Lake Sunset. These are all quite sweet smells so if you are into musky ones I wouldn't suggest picking these up!

When I first lit the tea light and left it for the wax tart to melt I could really smell the fragrance. As I've continued to burn it (at different times) I feel the smell is getting a little more faint each time. I'm yet to get to the end so I can't say what is left in the holder but I do hope it all burns up so there is no scent contamination.

Although my first foray into wax tarts I have to say I quite enjoy them, so much so I've bought some more. That may just be because I am a hoarder...

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