Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The bathroom - styling our new home

After moving into our new house we gave it a complete cleaning blitz which included getting stuck into the bathroom. When it was cleaned to our standards we got to adding personal touches to make it feel like ours.

We chose a set from Dunelm Mill which feature cute nautical icons on each accessory. There is a toothbrush and toothpaste holder, a soap dish, a toilet brush holder and a set of tea light holders. In addition to this set we added a small mirror from Ikea and some tea lights in jars that I've collected. I love having candles when I'm in the bath as it creates such a relaxing atmosphere. Having tea lights in empty jars is a cheap but very pretty way to bring a quirky style to any room.

Bathroom House Ideas

This is our shower curtain which features a huge map of American in a lovely deep turquoise colour. Having never had a shower curtain before I was keen to buy one that was interesting and quirky, this certainly fits the bill. We bought this from Urban Outfitters and although not the cheapest I think it will last a while!

Bathroom House Ideas

In the bathroom, we have a bath/shower which is pretty standard. To this, we've added a corner shelf from Ikea which is so useful for keeping shower items tidy and out of the way. I love having the extra storage for all my different shower gels and shampoos!

Bathroom House Ideas

This is going to be our bathroom for the foreseeable future until we can save the money to get a new one. I will definitely be on Pinterest between now and then to find ideas for my new bathroom. For now, I am really happy with what we have. Taking a relaxing bath in here will be lovely.

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  1. Your bathroom looks so cosy! I love the candle holders! I can't wait to see the rest of the house!
    Kloe xx


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