Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Lush Bath

I wasn't always a bath person. I used to hate them, think they were too warm and much prefer a quick shower. However Lush came into my life and now I am a convert. After the blogger meet up I organised, in Middlesbrough at the end of March in which we visited Lush, we were gifted a gorgeous goody bag full of treats. I took the opportunity to use a few of the products during a relaxing bath.

Nautical Candles shining in the bathroom

Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb - Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

We were given the chance to create a fresh face mask and a bath bomb which we could take home to use. For my bath, these two were out in full force!

As I had made the bath bomb myself I was dubious to see if it would work as all previous ones I've had. I shouldn't have doubted myself as it fizzed away in the bath like any other. I love this Think Pink bath bomb as it makes the bath pink with lots of little love hearts in the water.

Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

The face mask is called Catastrophe Cosmetic, filled with blueberries to help soothe skin and give a gorgeous glow. I've used this before and was a real fan. It feels like a clay mask as it is greyish and dries hard with the blueberries on your face which feels a bit weird. When I washed this mask off I was suitably relaxed in the bath and my face felt lovely and soft.

Lush Fresh Face Mask - Catastrophe Cosmetic

In our goody bags, we were given a small sample of Red Fun. I had seen this in the shop loads but hadn't considered picking it up. It is as the title suggests such a fun product to use and it feels just like play-dough. I pulled a little bit off and it smelled amazing. I just want a perfume that smells like it. On the website, it is described as mandarin and orange oil scented. When I rubbed it on me it left me all red and didn't lather like I would have expected. Having said that I did feel suitably clean after washing the colour off me. After using this sample I'd definitely consider buying the whole bar as it smells gorgeous!

Lush Red Fun in the bath

I know that Lush is always going to have pride of place in my bathroom because I love their products so much.


  1. Growing up my Mum always made us have baths on a Sunday afternoon ready for school on Monday, I HATED it at the time but it's now something I've continued doing as an adult. I have a bath every Sunday without fail, wash the bedding and put clean PJs on .. nothing beats it!

    1. Aw lovely! Get some bath bombs in your life!

  2. I love Think Pink, I went to a workshop and made Sex Bomb I'd never tried it before but it smelt fantastic.
    : ]


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