Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Scrub a dub dub - Lush Bubbleroon Review

I'm not really a bath person. I'd much prefer a quick shower then get out and get ready. Sitting in a pool of hot water wasn't really my thing or so I thought. Enter Lush's Candy Mountain bubble bar that we got in a Christmas gift box. I hadn't used any of Lush's bath products but I thought it was time to give it a go. I got the bath water temperature just right so I wasn't coming out like a lobster and the bubble bar made it smell gorgeous. It was lovely. So here starts my liking of baths and my adventures into new exciting bath products!

Lush Bubble Bar Yuzu and Cocoa

Lush Bubble Bar Yuzu and Cocoa

I went into Lush last week to check out the new Valentine's products they've just launched. To be honest I wasn't overwhelmed by any of them so I ventured around the rest of the shop. I managed to come out with a bubble bar, a bath bomb, a massage bar and this bubbleroon.

According to the Lush website this little bubbleroon, based on the shape of a macaroon, is a bubble bar. So to release the bubbles you have to crumble this under the tap as your bath is running. There were three different types of bubbleroons in the Lush store but I picked up the Yuzu and Cocoa one. This smells sweet and quite strongly of coconut which makes makes you feel like you are in a bounty.

I only used half the bubbleroon as I'd seen people suggesting that half was sufficient but unfortunately I forgot to add it whilst the bath was running. I added it afterwards and swashed my hands around in the water to get the bubbles that you can see in the bath. It was a  lovely bath but the bubbles soon faded although the smell lingered.

At only £3.25 for what can be two lovely soaks in the bath I think these little bubbleroons are worth it. The other two scents are The Green Bubbleroon and Rose Jam.

Have you tried these before? What other Lush bath products do you love?


  1. Think I may have to pick one of these up in my next Lush shopping trip!
    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

    Laura x

    Laura's Land of Beauty

    1. Yes it is gorgeous :) aw thanks sweetie! :) x

  2. This was one of my first ever lush products!


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