Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fairy Godmother, Lush Soap Review

Whilst shopping in Lush with mum, she picked up a soap that I'd never heard of called Godmother. When I smelt it I wanted it, but so did Mum! It went in her basket but she has cut it in half so I can have some too.


Godmother shares the same scent as the Snow Fairy Shower Gel (which I've only just realised after looking at the site) which is very sweet but I don't think it is as sickly as the shower gel. It's a deep purple colour. When you use this soap it's very delicate, it doesn't foam much but it spreads well and my hands feel clean after using. The scent lingers on your hands for a while after which is gorgeous!

I've never tried one of Lush's soaps before this but I can't wait to use the others that I've purchased.


  1. Ooo this just looks so juicy that I can almost smell it from here. I adore lush, and that feeling you get as soon as all the delicious fruity smells hit your nostrils. I'll definitely hunt this one out next time I'm in there! xx

  2. Oh! This makes me super exciting if it smells like snow fairy! I might have to take a cheeky trip to lush! xx


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