Sunday, 19 January 2014

Downtown, everything's waiting for you - Calvin Klein perfume

Whilst waiting for my sister to finish picking her Christmas presents from the MAC stand in House of Fraser I browsed the perfumes. One of the employees spritzed this perfume on a piece of paper for me to smell. After that I decided that this is what I wanted for Christmas. I don't know how many of you have chosen a perfume that an employee has handed you but this was a first for me!

Calvin Klein Fragrance, Down Town Review

Calvin Klein Fragrance, Down Town Review

I like to change my perfumes up quite a bit so I asked for the smaller version of this which is 30ml. The Perfume shop's description of Downtown is "The fragrance opens with bright top notes of Italian cedrat, bergamot and Tunisian neroli. For the middle notes, a contrast of pink peppercorn dusted over violet leaf and gardenia petals enhances the feminine sophistication. A dry down of Texan cedarwood with touches of incense, vetiver and warm velvet musks leaves an unmistakable, confident and sensual attitude".

To me this smells quite fresh which I like but it also has quite a musky undertone. I'm not really one to wear musky perfumes as I like fruity and sweet perfumes but this isn't too strong. I like to wear Downtown on a day time as I don't think it is a full on fancy night time fragrance but more of light perfume. As you can tell I am not very good at describing fragrances but I hope you will take a chance when you are out and see if you like this too.


  1. You're actually quite good at describing perfume!
    I never bother with perfume posts since it'll probably go something along the lines of "it's nice, and smells like something I don't know" :') But this sounds lovely and elegant. Think i'll be picking this up if it isn't too expensive :)

  2. This sounds lovely. I recently reviewed a Jimmy Choo perfume & found it so hard to describe - you did it perfectly! x



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