Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Lush Series - Tea Tree Water

After being introduced to the skincare world I've only ever purchased one toner. I really have no idea what toner is or what it is for but I was told it should be part of my regime and I started to like it. It feels really nice to wipe a cotton pad with toner over your face to collect any grime that could be left over after cleansing.

I'd heard many good reviews about a toner from Lush filled with spot fighting ingredients which sounded right up my street. I decided to splurge and try it out!

Tea Tree Water - Toner Water

Lush Tea Tree Water - Toner Review

This toner is available in two sizes, 100g (£3.95) or 250g (£7.50). As I was new to this product I chose to buy the smaller.

The application of this product is different from the other toner I have been using as with this you have to spray it directly on your face (making sure to close your eyes tight!). Then you wipe a cotton pad over your face to take the toner and any grime off your face. As described as a water, this toner is extremely gentle on my face, it isn't potent like other toners can be.

On their website, Lush say "Tea tree is a wonder oil for anyone with oily or spot prone skin. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. Where the skin needs balancing, where there are spots, gentle tea tree is just the job". I love the smell of tea tree, it is a really refreshing smell which makes me feel clean. It is also strong enough to make me feel like it is really doing something for my skin.

Overall I really enjoy this product, it is light, smells nice and makes me feel squeaky clean.

It is definitely on my repurchase list, unless another review of a toner sweeps me off my feet before I get chance!

Have you tried this? What do you think?


  1. I use to use this toner, I agree with how fresh my skin use to feel after using it, plus the smell is delicious!

  2. I think i will be buying this for my next toner! I have eyed this up before in Lush x

  3. I love lush! This sounds great, I will be getting this next time! :) xx

  4. I haven't tried this but I want to now. I love tea tee stuff. Lovely review hun

    Hannah xxx


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