Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fancy a steak? El Gaucho, York

For my boyfriend's birthday we had a day trip to York. As we are major foodies when visiting new places, we decided to scope out where we would eat before we arrived. We chose a place for breakfast(brunch) and a place for tea. Unfortunately we arrived after the place we'd chose for breakfast stopped serving so had to find a cafe for a greasy English brekkie.

The place we chose for dinner was a suggestion by one of Matt's work colleagues. It was an Argentine steak house called El Gaucho. Me and Matt are lovers of steak and love to try new places so this was perfect for us.

El Gaucho Argentine Steak House York Review
El Gaucho Argentine Steak House York Review
El Gaucho Argentine Steak House York Review

As per usual we had a bit of trouble finding the place but that is just our bad sense of direction. It was down a street which had a lot of other lovely looking restaurants on. Inside it is quite small but there were a lot of tables dotted about as well as lots of random Argentine related art on the walls.

We both chose to have the sirloin steak - me choosing the 11oz and Matt choosing the 14oz! When it came it tasted lovely! It was full of flavour. I accidentally knocked all my salad off my plate whilst trying to cut my steak just after I took the above picture. I told the hostess and she didn't seem to mind too much...oops!

I should mention before the steak we were given a basket of bread with some sort of herby/garlic butter to put on. It was soo nice. I wanted more than one slice but didn't want to ruin my dinner.

If you are in York on a night time (it opens at 6pm) you should definitely try this out.

Have you been before? Do you love steak as much as I do?!


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