Saturday, 3 August 2013

What I watched in July

A fact about me -  I own a Cineworld card - so does my mum and my boyfriend. This means they drag me to the cinema all the time! I will run you through the films and DVDs I've watched this month along with my review.

God Only Forgives - I saw this last night and I felt like I had wasted an hour and a half of my life. It is really unfortunate as this stars Ryan Gosling, who you will all agree is a babe! This film is really not my cup of tea, there is barely any dialogue, a lot of graphic violence and no back story for anyone. I was sat there thinking why did he do that? Where did he come from? Is this seriously happening. I also tried to have a didn't work. So my opinion is DON'T SEE IT! If you have another opinion I'd love to hear it!

Despicable Me 2 - Now if you haven't see Despicable Me 1 well where have you been? Get watching it! Saying that I think that you can see the second one without seeing the first one. The minions are completely adorable and hilarious. They make the film what it is! :) We went to see this when there was a lot of adults in and the whole cinema was laughing so it is definitely not just for kids! Get to the cinemas to see this one! :)

Now you see me - This film is very clever and has an all-star cast featuring Dave Franco - pure gorgeous (James Franco's brother if you didn't know). Now you see me is all about large scale magic tricks that are great to watch. This is quite an easy watch that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what they will do next. I'd say give this a watch.

On DVD this month I have seen...

Con Air - My boyfriend really raved about this film so in Tesco one day I picked it up for him, however, this led to him asking me to watch it with him. To be honest I am glad I did! It features Nicholas Cage and John Malkovich amongst others and whilst I don't really enjoy Nicholas' other films he was tolerable in this one. It is a cheesy 90's film but it is a really enjoyable watch. If you see this in Tesco for £5 I recommend you pick this up as you might be surprised!

Secret Window - A few months back I went on a Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington spree on and this was one of my purchases. I had always wanted to see this since it came out even though I had no clue what it was about. The film is basically about a guy who claims Johnny Depp stole his story and got it published so he seeks looks to seek revenge if he doesn't right his wrong. When you are watching it you kind of wonder what is going on and why this guy is going to such extremes but there is a plot twist that makes everything fit together in the end. Overall a good watch, again if it is cheap pick it up for a watch.

Lastly what I am looking forward to this month!

Red 2 -  I love the first film so can't wait to see the sequel. Plus Bruce Willis isn't too bad ;)

The Heat - Well you can tell this film is going to be hilarious with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

2 Guns - I love films with Denzel Washington in and this looks like it is going to be a bit of comedy. Love it!

What films have you seen that you would rate? Any you are looking forward to this month?


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