Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nail Essentials

I've been properly obsessed with nail polish now for about two years. My collection started small but when I got into Instagram and found out my manager had a suppliers card my obsession took off.

I've come very far with my preparation, application and clean up. I have all the tools but no qualifications, although I'd like them. My method for doing my nails has become a refined art now, here is what I use.

OPI Nail Envy and Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat


Nail Envy - This is a product that many people rave about but honestly I haven't used this consistently enough to see a noticeable difference. Sometimes I use this as a base coat as I like to think when I am using it it makes my nails stronger, other times I will use it as well as a base coat. 

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat - This base coat is a creamy varnish which gives your nails sort of 'matte' surface for your polish to stick to. The smell is a bit potent but it does its job well.

Nail Tools


My mum bought me a set of about 8 double-ended nail tools from Ebay. Now don't be under any illusion that I know what they all do! I only use the cuticle pusher and the scalpel looking one (pictured). I use this to push my cuticles back and circle the 'scalpel' end around to remove any excess skin. I also have cuticle clippers that I bought from Superdrug to get remove any excess. Beware, don't go OTT with this or you will make your cuticles bleed! After all this, I use the base coats as above.

Also, everyone needs a good nail file! I get my use a glass one that I bought from Amazon as it isn't too harsh.

Brush and Seche Vite

Finishing touches

Once I've finished painting my nails I apply the holy grail of topcoats, Seche Vite. This has to be the best topcoat on the market, it dries your nails completely in a matter of minutes. If this doesn't impress you then the fact it usually keeps my nails shiny and without chips for a week should (no lies).  After trying this I would never use another, that may be why my nails are always so shiny. Make sure you apply this to the edge of your nails to avoid chipping. I think Seche Vite should come up with a matte top coat so I can change up my look.

Although this is my routine, I welcome any suggestions to improve.


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