Saturday, 3 August 2013

A girly twist on a french manicure

When it comes time to refresh my nails I'm always looking for inspiration online. My latest manicure idea came from the Maybelline Facebook page.

I decided that this week I would try a twist on a french manicure by using a bold pink on my nail and a dark purple on the tip. Taking into account I have never even tried a french manicure before or used the nail stickers I think I did an okay job.

Now for how I achieved this manicure, here are 5 easy steps:
  1. Prep your nails, neaten your cuticles and apply a base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with the colour you want on your nail, here I have used Shorts Story - OPI
  3. You can either wait for this to completely dry or use a fast drying topcoat. Then place the nail tip guide stickers on your nail. Note that the space you are leaving at the top of your nail will be painted in the other colour. Here I could have done with a little less space...
  4. When all your stickers are in place paint the other colour on the tip, I've used Vant to Bite My Neck - OPI. Ensure that once you have painted the tip wait a few seconds then immediately remove before painting the next finger.
  5. Finally, paint top coat over your nail to smooth it all over.
OPI Shorts Story and Vant to Bite My Neck Nail Varnish

I'm off to Florence on Wednesday, so I am sure there will be another holiday manicure to show before I go.


  1. I love the pink colour! so bright and beautiful!!

    Rose xo

  2. Really pretty colour combination! Looks really professions too :)

    Beauty from the Fjord x

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